Do Lecture 
These videos are like TED Talk videos, inspiring talks from people who are changing the world. Do Lectures are a great place to find inspiration and new ideas for the classroom. Many of the videos connect today's real world with curriculum topics. Embed code available.

Teaching Channel
This video library offers a wide range of subjects for grades K-12. Videos include information on alignment with Common Core State Standards and ancillary material for teachers to use in their own classrooms. Browse by grade level, subject, or popular topics. Use the search box to find ideas for a specific topic, such as "earth" or "electricity." See video length for each choice along with the title, subject and grade band.  Download or receive codes to embed videos using the links available with each video. Register on the site (free) to access the site's lesson planner features.

Zane Education Over 1,500 on-demand subtitled videos teach 250 curriculum topics across 12 subjects in K-12. Videos are subtitled to help develop your child's reading literacy skills. Over 250 interactive multiple-choice quizzes enable students
to test themselves after each topic to monitor progress.

iTunes U Content on iTunes U is accessible through iTunes. Students and teachers can download iTunes U audio and video offerings one at a time or subscribe to entire courses and have new items download automatically as soon as they become available.

Google Video 

How Stuff Works

A very new (alpha) site that brings an innovative twist on video experience. While the content is still growing, one can't help but notice that amount of promise that is shown here.

Great site, similar to Discovery Streaming for educational video. Users can either view on the web or download.

A nice very popular alternative to YouTube. Use with a filter of some sort, or view all content before introducing to students.

Clip Blast
A huge collection of videos can be found on this nice site; must be used in a filtered environment for safety reasons.

Snag Learning
An interesting site that brings documentary-style films to engage students in discussion and classroom participation.

School Tube
Excellent safe place for students and teachers to share and view video.

Kids Tube
Excellent filtered site for kids' videos.

Teacher Tube 
Excellent site for educators to find videos for students and share in the wonderful educational online community.

Hulu An online video service that offers hit TV shows.

Neok12 This incredible site is a database of videos on an abundance of topics! They are arranged by topic and very easy to access. The general subjects include physical science, life science, earth and space, social studies, math, English, and the human body. Each of the subjects includes 10+ topics. Each of the topics includes countless videos. You truly have to see this collection to believe it! There are lessons “ready to go” on video: Civil Rights Movement, Ice Age, Allergies, Subtracting Negative Numbers, Electricity, and MANY others. Brain games, quiz games, and interactive diagrams.

NOTE: Although the videos are listed on this site, they actually “live” elsewhere on the Internet, so some videos may be blocked  (those on YouTube, for example). Always pretest to be sure the video you hope to use is accessible at school!

Watch Know  Short for "You Watch, You Know," this is a free site that organizes small video clips to help with the understanding of a variety of topics in subject areas. WatchKnow has indexed over 20,000 educational videos, placing them into a directory of over 3,000 categories. The videos are available without any registration or fees to teachers in the classroom and to students at home 24/7.  Registration is not required to view the videos. Creating and saving videos to the site, as well as commenting, require registration.

Movieclips Looking for short movie clips that you can view at school and use to teach something? Check out Movieclips. Thousands of short clips are available free and without registration at this site (not Disney!). Get a quick idea of the content by clicking on the Movies menu. You can make any clip display full screen using the small icon in the lower right. Note: Mature movie clips are available, but registration is required to see them. Warning: Student registration is not advisable due to mature content.

Use the embed code and URL codes with each clip to provide link or embed a specific clip into your Moodle course. Ad links also appear along the bottom of the clips. Use these video clips to get students thinking about concepts such as tornadoes, feelings, or decision-making. As you teach about characterization in literature or creative writing, use movie clips to illustrate how a writer can “show not tell” about a characters personality or motivations. Emotional support teachers can use the clips to help students learn to “read” human feelings.

Wonder How To This creative site offers "how to" videos on a WIDE variety of topics. Anyone is able to view the videos, but you must be a member (which is free) to comment on the videos, grade the videos, or submit your own "how to" video. Topics vary; some are appropriate for the classroom - others are definitely NOT appropriate. Some general include: alcohol, autos, motorcycles, and planes, business and money, computers and programming, diet and health, education (which features a variety of science experiments and more), film and theater, language (English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Latin, sign language, and countless others), music and instruments, travel, and several other topics. Within each of these general topics, there are thousands of specific "how to" videos. This site does provide excellent research. You may want to link directly to the specific videos you want students to see in order to avoid other, less-desirable options. Warning: not all videos are suitable for the classroom. Be sure to preview what you wish to share. If you choose to allow your older students to navigate this site on their own (for research or a class project), be sure to set boundaries on which videos to watch, consequences for going elsewhere, and WATCH CAREFULLY! Some videos explain "how to" do things that are unsafe or inappropriate for school-ages audiences. Wonder How To does include unobtrusive advertisements.

Educational Videos This video site hosts searchable, categorized videos in a variety of content areas. Easy to navigate, this site adds another tool to your video clip arsenal. Anything from documentary type films of twenty minutes or more in length, to random clips and even some Bill Nye the Science Guy Clips are available at this site.

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