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Based on the lyrics below, discuss these questions with your small group:

  • Can you list the things that hurt Wanda?
  • Give examples of what the bullies where thinking.
  • "Looking back I see the pain..." What does this line mean?
  • "But was it suicide?" What does this line mean?
  • "Would you do the things you do If you were me and I were you" - How could this question change your life?"
  • List at least three different ways you can build people up instead of tearing them down.

Wanda was the one girl we claimed we never knew
Lincoln High School's homely-coming queen
She barely graduated with the class of '92
Voted most unlikely to succeed

Rumor had it Wanda never knew who her daddy was
At least that's what we spread all over town
I guess we always thought that we were building ourselves up
With the sticks and stones we threw to break her down
All the years we thought it didn't matter
Cuz we never saw her cry
And Wanda never asked us

Why, do you hurt me, and treat me like you do
What have I ever done to, deserve this, from you
Would you do the things you do
If you were me and I were you

Looking back I see the pain that we put Wanda thru
And just where all the fun and games were leading
We didn't realize the damage sticks and stones would do
Cuz it was deep inside Wanda was bleeding
The paper said her death was self-inflicted
But was it suicide?
Cuz the note she wrote said ...

Repeat Chorus


For every action there's reaction
Broken hearts don't just happen
If you put yourself in their position
There's no good answer to the question ...

Repeat Chorus

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