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    Moodle Help for Students

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  • Topic 1

    Moodle Basics
    Learn how to navigate around your course

  • Topic 2

    Adding Content
    Learn You can add content to your course in many ways:

    1. Composing a Text Page - a text page is a simple plain text page with very little formatting. You can add paragraphs and whitespace, but that's about it.
    A text page would be a good suggestion for your project summary.

    2. Labels - add additional text or graphics to the front page of your course. Labels can be used to:

    • add banners to courses.
    • label sections.
    • provide quick instructions and descriptions.

    3. Adding a video - follow directions for uploading a file (see section below entitled, "Notification Page").

    • Topic 3

      Forums are similar to online message boards: enrolled users can post messages to each other. Because forums are asynchronous, students can take their time composing replies.

    • Topic 4

      Q & A Forum
      Please post any questions to the forum.

    • Topic 5

      Notification Paper

      1. Scan or take a photo of the Notification paper and save file.
      2. Upload file to Moodle.

    • Topic 6

      Enrollment Key

    • Topic 7

      Citing Sources

      Any words, images or ideas used in a work that you do not create yourself must be cited. Citing information sources acknowledges the origin of the work and intellectual property of the original author. It also gives credibility to your work by showing your research.

      All students should be citing sources on their Moodle. Here are some resources that are easy use:

      EasyBib - an easy site for citing MLA format; select one of 50 sources, populate given fields, click create citation and the citation is automatically generated.

      Citation Machine - MLA, APA format generators

      APA Style – more resources to help with APA style

      • Topic 8

        Moodle Aesthetics
        The websites below can assist you with improving the look of your course. The first two offer free HTML code that can be copied and pasted into the editor.

        Cool Text

        Flaming Text

        Fonts and Things