I have decided to include my group project for my tenth-grade English class in which I created a storyboard with music as a representation of the vignette “Alicia Who Sees Mice” in the novel The House on Mango Street.

In this project we had to decide what parts of the scene would be appropriate for a movie and transfer the novel into a script. We also had to add music that helped to build the meaning of the scene.

I really enjoyed working on this project with my team. We worked well together. I thought creating the file in Moviemaker was a lot of fun. I had never worked with Moviemaker, so I learned a lot about working with jpeg images and using them in a movie file.

I also thought it was awesome to be able to rework the song in Audacity. Finding the exact right places to alter the music and insert dialogue was challenging, but at the same time it was pretty cool being able to determine exactly where the edits had to occur by using those sound wave graphics.

I just simply enjoyed creating this multiple media project and combining everything into a movie file.
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