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    It's not about the tools, but how
    the tools are used
    to increase learning.

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    • Sony Vegas 6.0


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      create word clouds expressing a message

      Wordle Tips
      Instead of typing directly into Wordle, try typing in MS Word and pasting into Wordle.

      Word size is determined by the frequency of the word. Enter your word more than once to increase the size.

      Keep phrases or names together by using a ~ (tilde). Increase the space between by using multiple tildes.

      Want to include numbers? Use your Language menu to make sure this option is not selected.

      Wordle Video Tutorial

      create word clouds expressing a message

      • Topic 5

        -create and edit audio files.

        Audacity can be found on student computers at DAHS. You can download it for free on your personal computer.

      • Topic 6

                                Test Your Geography IQ!

        Traveler IQ
        The Traveler IQ challenge ranks geographic knowledge of cities such as: Spokane, Savannah or Whistler by comparing results against 7,690,470 other travelers. Brought to you by TravelPod, a member of the TripAdvisor Media Network
        • Topic 7

          -locate, gather, analyze, and organize information to synthesize into an interactive online poster.

          Linking Moodle (Voki) on Glogster:
          1. Open Glogster and login
          2. Click Text
          3. Type text (“Click here to view voki,” or similar phrase)
          4. Highlight text
          5. Click on the chain
          6. Paste the Moodle web address

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            create, customize and publish a speaking character.

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