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    Click the link below to watch a brief video about the library!

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    Welcome to the Library Media Center!
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      Gotta Keep Reading!

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        Tell me what you like to read!

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        Mrs. Farrell's book blog!

        Looking for a good book to read?  Check out my book blog, "Dallastown Reads," for the latest books I've read.  Feel free to share your book suggestions, too!

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        Research Wiki!

        Working on a research project?  Check out my wiki for good resources and pathfinders to help you with your research. 

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        Mrs. Farrell's Book Talks!

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          Inspired Picture Writing with PicLits!

          Have fun with this cool website that allows you to write creative, artistic descriptions for the thousands of beautiful, photographic images in their gallery.  You can drag and drop words from their preselected list, or choose freestyle to write your own  expressions.

          I made this one. 

          PicLit from
          See the full PicLit at
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