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    Mrs. Duvall

    IST and Reading Intervention Teacher

    Yellow Community

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  • Topic 1

    What is I.S.T.?

    The Instructional Support Team Process is designed to identify students who are experiencing academic, communication, behavioral, and/or social and emotional difficulties. The I.S.T. process provides students with the support necessary to experience succes

    How does it work?

    Once a teacher or parent requests I.S.T. assistance, the team will meet to do the following:

    1. identify the student's need for help.

    2. develop strategies to assist the student

    3. implement intervention strategies and monitor progress.

    Who is on the team?

    The team includes the following individuals:

    • community principal
    • student's classroom teacher
    • support teacher
    • parents or guardians
    • school guidance counselor
    • Other staff members may also serve on the team, depending on the student's needs.

    What is Reading Intervention?

    When a child is identified for reading intervention, the following will occur:

    • reading instruction is given which supplements classroom reading instruction
    • instruction is designed to develop areas where further reading instruction is needed for each student
    • the reading specialist works in collaboration with the classroom teacher and uses grade level curriculum to plan effective instruction
    • Topic 2

      Finding Student Homework Assignments

      Within the district website, each team has a designated home area where important information and homework is located.

      Need assistance finding this information? Use the video guide below as a guide.

    • Topic 3

      Fun Websites

      Below are some fantastic websites that promote learning!

    • Topic 4

      Lily and Miss LibertyProduct Details

      By Carla Stevens & Deborah Kogan

    • Topic 5

      The Thing About GeorgieThe Thing About Georgie

      By Lisa Graff


      Chapters 1-3

      Chapters 4-6

      Chapters 7-9

      Final project

      • Topic 6

        Riding Freedom

        By Pam Munoz Ryan


        Section 1

        Section 2

        Section 3

        Final project

        • Topic 7

          Zach's Lie

          By Roland Smith


          Section 1

          Tag Expansion:

          Section 2

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          Section 3

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          Final project

        • Topic 8


          By Gordan Korman

        • Topic 9

          On the Run

          By Gordon Korman

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