Ancient Civilizations covers Early Human history, Sumer, Greece, Rome, and Early European history including Medieval Times, The Renaissance, and the Reformation.

This is a survey course that covers key civilizations from Prehistoric Times to the Middle Ages.

This is Mr. Ellis's U.S. history course. It covers the history of the United States from colonization to reconstruction.

Eighth Grade American History at Dallastown Area Middle School covers the Age of Colonization (c. 1607) to Reconstruction following the Civil War (1877)

In this course, the student will learn about the history and culture of some of the greatest ancient civilizations.Topics covered will include: early man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, medieval Europe and the Renaissance.

These cultures will be studied in an open-minded manner examining how ancient peoples’ contributions have shaped our modern way of life.

This course covers American History from colonization through reconstruction.
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